Want $100 off early bird registration for Renaissance?

Then I’ve got a discount code for you: use “mpospese” (my Twitter and ADN handle), or just use this direct link.  The code is good through the end of November and gets you into Renaissance for just $500.

Did I mention that there’s going to be a live concert by The Smule Band?  These are the guys behind Ocarina, Leaf Trombone, Magic Piano, and several other apps that turn iOS devices into musical instruments.  Ocarina holds a special place in my heart because using it for the first time was sort of a watershed moment for me in my career as a developer.  I had already been programming for mobile devices for 9 years at that point, but had never seen anything as creative as Ocarina – a device that transformed a phone into a multi-touch wind instrument (you blow past or into the microphone)!  I was already tinkering with the iPhone SDK at that point, but that was when I knew that I really, really wanted to focus on the iPhone platform.  Anyway, as you can tell I’m super excited to see them perform and hope to be able to chat with their team afterward.

The rest of the speaker lineup (myself included) is incredibly diverse and covers pretty much all the aspects of creating apps and running a business of creating apps in today’s market.  It’s a great time to be a developer, designer, or businessperson (or all three), and I plan on learning everything I can that week, especially in the areas that typically fall outside of my comfort zone.